Rude Music


Rude Music has been a long time in the making for brothers Matt and Kevin Nolan. For the last decade, the rhythm section/songwriting duo represented two-fifths of The Morrison Brothers Band, a country/rock band that gained regional success, first in the Washington D.C. area, and then in Nashville, where the brothers have called home since 2015. This next chapter represents a turn toward a more soulful sound, leaning on all corners of American roots music, rock n’ roll and beyond, while reaching for ground yet to be discovered. “Think Los Angeles in the 1970’s with a bit more humidity,” says Kevin Nolan. 

After moving to Music City, the Nolan’s quickly became mainstays around town, appearing regularly on stage and in the studio with Maggie Rose, Them Vibes, Brandon Whyde, Kree Harrison, Jason Martin, Steve Everett, Tony Lucca, Paul Pfau, Nate Frederick, and many others. Rounding out the core of the lineup is Marty MacMillan, a master luthier and veteran guitarist of the Detroit, Chicago, and Washington D.C. music scenes. “It’s definitely a mutual admiration society. Some of my favorite players are in this group,” says Matt Nolan, who plays drums and contributes on lead vocals. “The music we make really allows everyone to speak and do what they do.”

The group is currently in the process of recording their debut record in Muscle Shoals, AL, where the lion’s share of the material was written and arranged. The Northern Alabama town has been a coveted recording destination and musical second-home to countless icons since the 1950’s. 

“It’s rude, baby. And it’s coming soon.”





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